Tuesday, May 31, 2011


          This time I made a broom. This is the first time result of using Blender 2.5x. The interface is really different so I need time to adopt it. The other reason, that version can comb and cut the hair particle using the Comb tool. Well, not really good result, but it is important to me to adopt with the Blender 2.5x since I used Blender 2.49b before.

Well, that is the result for the mop. Not really good yet because I only practice using the particle tools from the new feature of the Blender.

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Gorengan: 2 Tahu, 2 Tempe, and 2 Lontong

          Ah, I have Gorengan again as my breakfast. This time the set is different. It is consists of 2 tahu-s, 2 tempe-s,  and 2 lontong-s. As usual, I ate the tahu and the tempe along with the lontong. It adds more good taste combining eating gorengan with lontong. The price of them all is Rp 3.000,- for Rp 500 each.

This is the gorengan I ate. It looks like 3 gorengans there, but it is 4 gorengans. I don't know why it is turned into 3-like result XD.

Monday, May 30, 2011


          Ah, this time I made car. Took long time because I stuck on the chassis part. Well, at least I have finished it. The result still far from what I expected, but oh well, at least I can make a simple car right now rather can't at all... I also added the previous Spikeball model I made previous time ago to make a decoration for the car. 

Look, the car still far from the usual car you see everyday... Yup, still need more improvement... Maybe I should use a tutorial for improving it again.

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Nasi Padang: Ayam Balado, Chili, and Potato

          At last, I have Nasi Padang again /\(^w^)/\. This time is filled with red chillies with Ayam Goreng Balado and Kentang Goreng. As usual, the rice is much that I enjoy the spicy taste of the Nasi Padang. For the price, it is Rp 10.000,- which consists of Rp 3.000,- Nasi, Rp 1.000,- Kentang Goreng, and Rp 6.000,- Ayam Goreng Balado.

Ah, this is the picture of the Nasi Padang filled with red Chilies. I really ferociously eating the dish. Ah, very spicy but so balancing spicy XD.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


          Ah, this time I made a torch. I didn't make it detail because I want to relax in the Sunday now, lol. So, I made a weird torch for it. The fire I made is very simple to make. All I did is making a isosphere, then I extruded the the verticles into a certain direction so the sharp things were made.

The torch is very weird... I quickly made it because I want to have Sunday time, so I made it in less than hour. Well, maybe I will try to fix and use reference next time...

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McDonald: Hot Regular + 12 McNuggets

          Yay, I eat Hot Regular with McNuggets again this time. However, I serve this one differently. I bought 1  Hot Regular with Spicy Fried Chicken + 3 of McNuggets 4 pcs (Which makes the total of McNuggets unto 12 pcs. Ah, I am really full eating this because the amount of the food stock and I eat them all at the same time. For the price of all... For the Hot Regular, it is Rp 15.000,-. For each of McNuggets 4 pcs, it is Rp Rp 9.000,-. For 3 McNuggets 4 pcs, it is Rp 27.000,-. The total is Rp 42.000,-. Added with the 10% tax, it is Rp 46.400,-.

This is the pic of Hot Regular + 12 McNuggets. The McNuggets is so many that I thought I can't finish them all XD. Plus, ah.. so many meats waiting to be eaten by me XD.

These are the 12 McNuggets. It is so many because I combine the 3 of McNuggets 4 Pcs into 12 McNuggers. Lucky, to eat more ferociously, the sause is included even I didn't take the picture of it *hammer*.

This is the Hot Regular (without Regular Drink in the picture). It consists of Spicy Fried Chicken and Regular rice based on picture. Ah, spicy food again XD.

This is the Regular Drink. The inside is Coca-cola drink from Coca-cola. Added this as the drink, really combine the drinking taste while eating the dish.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

3 Yellow Coins

          This time I upgraded my previous yellow coin model (http://virulife.blogspot.com/2011/05/yellow-coin.html). I increased the RayMirror value so it made it more shiny. I added a hammer picture in the middle of the coin to make it nicer. Now, to prevent the yellow coin for being a loner, I added more two coin so it made them 3 yellow coins.

Ah, the upgrade made it different from the previous one. Well, it still need more improvement to me. Well, I will try again to add more again next time.

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McDonald: Spaghetti

          Ah, I have Spaghetti from McDonald. I didn't know that even McDonald including this on the menu. So, I took a taste too on this dish. Ah, it has been a long time since I had my last spaghetti. For the price, it is Rp 5.000,- (Rp 5.500,- with 10% tax).

This is the package before I opened the Spaghetti. You can't see it through the package before the reflection of the light XD. Now, let's open it too see it through XD.

Now, it is opened. Ah, the spaghetti with the cheese and the condiment XD. It has been a long time to since I had my last cheese XD. Now, let's start eating =3.

Friday, May 27, 2011

RGB Shurikens

          This time I made 3 shurikens in different colors. Because it is consists red, green, and blue shurikens, I named it "RGB Shurikens". For the basic, I made the cube first then extruding it. The hardest part to me was the hole part, but at last.. I finally know how to easily make the hole by deleting the face, then made the face between edge left. 

There are Red Shuriken, Blue Shuriken, and Green Shuriken. Hmm, maybe I should try the combine them together to make a new shuriken.

McDonald: Kiwi Sundae

          Yay, I had sundae this time. This Kiwi Sundae is limited edition in my place which ends at June 2011(I forgot the exact date). So, I bought it as soon as possible so I can taste it what it taste like. It is like I cream with kiwi flavor. Oh, for more of it, it is consisted of sundae, kiwi, and nata de coco. So, it tasted all of them inside combined into one. For the price, it is Rp 7.000,- (Rp 7.700 with 10% tax).

This is the packet of the Kiwi Sundae before I opened it. You can see through inside of the packet.Yup, the kiwi is green there. Now, let's open it.

Ah, it is opened. What the point if you still can see it through the packet? XD Well, you need to open it to eat the sundae inside XD.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spike Balls

          Ah, this time I made nine spike balls. I use two cubes. The first one is for the needle, while the other is for ball. Then, combined to be a spike ball. Then, I duplicate the spike ball into nine spike balls. After that, I add the RayMirror effect at value of 0.75 which reflects a lot. Then, I made the room again. 

Ah, the nine spike balls. I hope the needle is sharp enough, not like before XD. Now, I will try to combine one of them with my previous weapon next time.

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McDonald: Egg Burger

          Yay, this time I have diffferent burger again from McDonald. It is Egg Burger. Unlike the Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger,  this one can only be purchased only at Breakfast Menu (In my place, it is 5.00 a.m to 11.p.m.). This one is not meat, but as the name said, it is egg. The content of the bun is the egg with some mayonnaise in it. For the price, it is same as the Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger which is Rp 8.000,- (Rp 8.800 including the tax). I really like this one, too bad it is only appear at the Breakfast Menu.

This is the Egg Burget packet before I opened it. Unlike the Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger packet, this one is yellow while the other both is white. Now, let's open it and see how is the egg look like.

Ah, the Egg Burger from outside after being opened. It may looks same like the Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger if looked from above. But, let's open the top bun of the burger.

Ah, it is really showing the egg. The egg is so fluffy :3. The shape is also clean. I wonder if they are using a certain tool to shape it? Probable yes XD. Ah, when I ate it, it is really like eating a roast with egg on it XD.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


          Ah, this time I made spoon using Blender 2.49b. The spoon is very easy to make. Create the cube, then still the same previous way, keep extruding, then add subsurf effect, then set the crease to make the sharp edge more appealing, then add Set Smooth effect, then add RayMirror effect with setting the RayMirror value. Then done. Translate and rotate it to make the view nicer. For the wall, it is the same by editing the plane this time.

Ah the shiny metallic spoon. I didn't at the pair with the fork and knife... Maybe the spoon feel lonely right now. Oh well, I will make them the other time.

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McDonald: Hash Brown

          Ah, this time I ate McDonald dish which only appear at the Breakfast Menu (In my place, it is 5.00 a.m to 11.p.m.). I ate the the Hash Brown. Before I ever had tasted any Hash Brown, I thought this dish is a meat wrapped in flour. When I had eaten it, it is potato after all... XD. The appearance was really deceiving me XD. The taste is really unique too, something is different instead of potato alone. For the price, it is Rp 7.000,- if bought separatedly from packet, but if with packet, it is Rp 5.000,- (Rp 7.700,- separated from packet, Rp 5.500,- with packet).

This is the Hash Brown still in package. Some part of it can be seen, which make it looks like meat. Now, let's remove the package so we can see all part of it from one side of view.

Ah, you can see full now of the Hash Brown from one side of view. When I never ate this before, I thought it was a Nugget with big size. Well, after I ate it, the fact is different. Well, the moral event of this is not to judge something based on look XD.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


          This time I made a barbell. It might be heavy as usual, but because this is just a model, its weight doesn't equal with the real life, lol. Anyway, this one is really easy to make. Keep extruding then add subsurf effect. Then, I set the crease to make the edge keep sharp. After that, I added the RayMirror effect so it reflects some of the light and the object surrounds it. After that, I made some scene to add some touch.

This barbell might be heavy in the real life, but in the data world, the weight of the barbell is very light here. You can drag the barbell by clicking the pic, XD.

McDonald: McFlurry Choco

          Ah, I have McFlurry Choco this time as my dessert. I choose the choco one. Ah, it has been a long time I had my last ice cream... well just few day ago for the long time XD. Ah, when I started to eat it, I opened  the top cover and see that the top contains chocolate powder. After I dug inside using the small spoon, I see the vanilla ice cream. I keep dug and ate it until nothing edible left. Ah, that was the good dessert after I ate the other McDonald dish. For the price, it is Rp 5.000,- (Rp 5.500,- with 10% tax).

This the package before I opened it. Look, it says McFlurry. Anyway, that was the first time I ate McFlurry so I didn't know what inside or how the ice cream looked like. Now, to kill the curiousness, let's open the top package.

Ah, it is opened. So it is really an ice cream. I didn't know for the chocolate powder that it was there inside the McFlurry. Anyway, let's eat it :3.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yellow Coin

          This time I made a yellow coin. It is very simple. All I have to do is making a cylinder, then extruding its top and bottom faces, then resizing it. After that, I add subsurf effect. Now, for making more feel in the environment, I added a reflective wall that reflects the coins. Then, I added a red table so, it makes the coin nicer to look.

Ah, this is the yellow coin. Now, how worth is the yellow coin there? What the coin made of? What I can do with the coin? XD

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Nasi with Tahu and Two Meat Sticks

          Alright, I have lunch again outside my base. This time I had Nasi with Lauk Stick which consisted of Nasi, chopped Tahu, and Meat Stick. I have no idea what kind of the meat at the Meat Stick. The taste I felt was fish taste and somekind of harder meatball. I ate them but before I ended finishing it without any edible food, I already get full. I forced myself to eat it. At last, I had succeded eating it without any single edible food left XD. For the price, it was Rp 9.000,0. Don't know if separated XD.

Ah, the lunch with Nasi, chopped Tahu, and two meat sticks. I will try with other combination next time XD. Who knows how it will the combination's taste like XD.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nasi Kuning

          Ah, the previous day ago, I ate Nasi Kuning with cucumber, kerupuk, tahu, mie goreng, tempe, and bumbu ayam goreng. I ate this as my breakfast. These food are really appears often in the morning, served to be eaten as breakfast. I am really full eating that because there are so many food combination there. For the price, I bought it from Rp 5.000,- (Originally it is Rp 4.000,- if two tofus weren't added). Really cheap but really made me full in the morning XD.

Ah, Nasi Kuning with cucumber, kerupuk, tahu, mie goreng, tempe, and bumbu ayam goreng in one for my breakfast. It is really yellow rice. Now, what should I add if I will eat it again...?

McDonald Chili Sauces

          Having eating McDonald menu sometimes, I often get the McDonald sauce packages which the number is  more than I can consume. So, instead of throwing them, as long they have long food endurance, I need to  save them so I can use it with another dish when I home. They were so many but I can't eat them all because the other time, I greedly ate them all and I had a very bad stomachache XD. That time I learned not to eat too much sauce at the same time.

That is how many sauce I had that time. So many which makes me don't want to count them because keeping the number mystery sometimes is good.

Multi-Edged Sword

          Ah, this time I just made multiple sword with multiple-edged too. There models are from previous Sword model ( Click here to see it ) which all I need is duplicating the sword, rotating it, then joining the mesh into one, then remove some doubles in it. Then, from Sword, I made the Double-Edged Sword. Then, from Double-Edged Sword, I made the Quad-Edged Sword. Then, from Quad-Edge Sword, I made the 8-Edged Sword. It is just simple, duplicate the sword, then rotating it, then joining the mesh for the less-edged into more-edged. It is like this: 1 edged => 2 edged => 4 edged => 8 edged.

Now, this double-edged sword comes from the Sword model. I just need to change the color to make it more different. Then, I reshaped it again for the same purpose. Now, it is turned into Double-Edged Sword.

Download Blender file

For this one, I made it from the Double-Edged Sword. The process is same. All I need is duplicating, rotating, and joining mesh. For the next touch, I recolored it again to make it different from the previous model  including the render background.

Download Blender file

For the final one, I made this one from the Quad-Edged Sword. The process is same again as usual XD. Now, I really double this one can be called sword because now it looks like a different weapon, lol.
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Download Blender file
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- Ziddu

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Regular Fries

           Ah fries. As the name said, it is chopped potatoes, or fries. The fries from the McDonald has some difference from packaging to taste. The taste I feel when I ate it, it was dry, salty, and other unique taste which is still too hard to me to explain. The price was Rp 5.000,- for the Regular Fries (Total is Rp 5.500,- with 10% tax). Since I like fries, sometimes I need to taste different recipe of the fries too. Oh, I often eat this first as appetizer before eating other McDonald menu.

Ah, the fries packed with McDonald special package for fries, how many chopped potatoes in the fries there?

Friday, May 20, 2011


          Ok, this time I made a character! I just made a mage =D! Oh, remember the staff I modeled before? This time I reuse it again for the mage with recolor. Now for the mage, I made a dark feeling mage this time. The mage is in a dark place which is a really mysterious place. The mage has the staff as the weapon, but the mage somehow using telekinesis to control the wand which makes it looks like using invisible hand.

Ah, the mage hold the previous staff I made several days ago. I made a dark-feeling mage this time, which affects the staff also.

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Beef Burger & Spicy Chicken Burger

          Ah, burger. The content between two breads. You can feels something different when you bite the content between it. This time, I bought Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger from McDonald restaurant. The difference is that as the name said, the Beef Burger has beef in the between of the breads and the Spicy Chicken Burger has chicke meat in the between of the breads. Additionally, the condiments were also different. The price for the Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger separatedly were Rp 8.000,- excluding the 10% tax which made it Rp 8.800,-.

Spicy Chicken Burger and Beed Burger before I opened them. What it look like? Let's open it this time and what suprise waiting inside!

Ah, it opened. Too bad I also opened the burger XD. The left side is Spicy Chicken Burger and the right side is Beed Burger. As you can see them, each meat has different look, which often makes them have different taste from each other. Additionally, the condiments were also different.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fur Doll

          Ah, I tried making a fur doll this time. I tried adding a fur effect to the doll. I made a simple shape of doll just for trying the fur effect. I also added the color for the fur to make a more interesting effect. Now, the doll is done. It doesn't take long time to make the fur effect since I use particle system. For the eyes, I made them separately from the body.

Ah, the doll needs more than eyes, maybe I should add something thing more like mouth, claw, or something else to make it more lively.

Hot Regular with Hot Crisp Fried Chicken

          Ah, the other time I was having Hot Regular from McDonald again, but this time the fried chicken was the Hot Crisp Fried Chicken instead Crisp Fried Chicken. The difference is that the Hot Crisp Fried Chicken has darker reddish brown look and more spicy taste. Well, if you ask me to compare them between both, I will go to the Hot Crisp Fried Chicken because I like spicy food more(balanced spicy which still can harmonize with the original dish like the Nasi Padang before). For the price, it is Rp 15.000,- exluding 10% tax (which makes it 16.500,- in total), same as the Hot Regular with Crisp Fried Chicken.

This is package of Hot Regular. It wasn't opened yet. So, lets open it and see it inside, and prepare to eat it what inside XD.

Ah, the Hot Regular which this time consisted of Hot Crisp Fried Chicken, Regular Rice, and Regular Drink (which is Coca-cola). I like this more if compared with Hot Regular with Crisp Fried Chicken. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ice Cream

          Ice cream again this time =D, but this time it has cone with it and cream. Ah, I remember the time I had the ice cream cone. I had the chocolate (Yeah, sorry I didn't made the chocolate flavor =P). I ate them all even for the cone, leaving nothing left to eat for the ice cream cone XD. 

Ah, the ice cream cone. I want to have it again since it has been long time I had the ice cream cone.

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Mie Goreng

          The other day, I was having Mie Goreng this time. It consisted of telur ceplok, mie, cucumber, tomato, and kerupuk. I bought it only for Rp 7.000,-. I ate it as my dinner at that time. Ah, eating after a hard work sure is really good =w=b. Too bad no rice, so I were still hungry, lol =)).

Ah, the mie goreng with telur ceplok, mie, cucumber, tomato, and kerupuk. Wanna some?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicken McNuggets 4PCS

          Ah, I eat McDonald's McNugget 4PCS the other time. The nugget taste best when I eat it with the sauce XD. Why did I bought 4 pieces? Because after I did a calculation, it is cheaper buying 4 pieces if accumulated together XD. Now, when I tasted it, it tasted like chicken too :D. Oh the price was Rp 9.000,- (excluding the 10% tax which in total is Rp 9.900,-)

This is the Chicken McNuggets 4PCS before I opened it including the sauce. Now, lets open it and see it what inside.

Ah, the 4 pieces of Chicken McNuggets and the opened sauce with it. The Chicken McNugget tasted very yummy XD. I ate the ferociously with the sauce XD. At the end, I eat the last one without the sauce XD.


          A few hours ago, I just made a staff which mage usually use. I used a stick and a crystal ball as its design. The crystal ball hopes help the mage to concentrate his/her power when casting magic. I made this in less than a hour.

Hmm, how to put the ball in the middle of the top end of stick in real life? If the ball is broken, is it repairable?

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Hot Regular with Crisp Fried Chicken

          Ah, I bought food from McDonald the other previous time and I ate Fried Chicken with crisp taste in Hot Regular packet which contains of Crisp Fried Chicken, Regular drink, and regular rice. Oh, for the price, It is Rp 15.000,- excluding 10% of it price which means Rp16.500,- in total. Don't get confuse with the Hot Medium which is Rp 18.000,- excluding the 10% tax and rice which all of the will be Rp 22.000,-. Better buy the Hot Regular rather than Hot Medium because it is cheaper and the only change is the drink size only =).

That is the Hot Regular before I opened it. The Fried Chicken meal box and the Regular Drink which is Coca-cola inside.

This is when I opened the Fried Chicken meal box. It contains of Crisp Fried Chicken and a Regular Rice. The regular rice is still in package.

This is when I opened the Regular Rice package. Yup, it is just a rice. I hope the rice is from our country, not imported =).

Monday, May 16, 2011


          Popsicle time ^^! This time I modeled a food again. Since I like ice cream things, I made a popsicle this time. I gave a blue color because I had no idea why I gave that color ^^V. Well, at least it increases my appetite XD. Anyone want too? I have more than one XD.

Ah, popsicle. Like a pop-sick-le. Does it really give sickness? =P

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Chuck Norris Facts

          Anyone know Chuck Norris (see here)? He has really epic jokes XD. The jokes makes him into an extraordinary being XD. The jokes also makes him can do anything which a normal being can't do XD.

Here some Chuck Norris facts:
Chuck Norris is able to count to infinity. Twice.
Once, Chuck Norris swam to the Virgin Islands. now they're just called "The Islands"
Chuck Norris can eat a fork with soup. With no limbs whatsoever.
- When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the Earth down.
When Chuck Norris showers he doesn't get wet. The water gets Chucked.
(source: http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com)

For more, you can see them here:
Chuck Norris Facts

Hope Chuck Norris doesn't come here or he will really roundhouse-kick me =)).
And... read at your own risk XD.

Lunch Dish : Nasi with Lauk

          The other time the lunch I had, I had rice, chopped vegetables, and crisp fry chicken. Ahh, the good lunch time after I had an exam at that day. I only bought it for Rp 7.500,- and I was very satisfied eating it because the rice was so much to eat.

Ah, the rice, fry crisp chicken, and vegetables which really satisfied me with cheap price.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


          Today, I just a made sword. Yeah, just a sword. A normal sword. It is easy to make the sword. All I need just keep extruding some block then add subsurf and set smooth effect. Then, some cruding to ensure some are on the edge.

Ah a sword. The next time I will make a more unique sword.

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