Tuesday, June 14, 2011


          Made a goblet again this time, but the old version is not uploaded in the blog yet so I uploaded the newest goblet I made yesterday. I made it shiny and metal as usual.

The goblet I made... It holds dark water? Lol...

Triple Beef And Cheese Burger

          This time I made a burger again from my previous Cheese Burger model. This time I only tripled the lettuce, the cheese, and the beef. Yup, it makes the burger taller than before.

The picture of triple beef and cheese burger. Since I tripled it, will it also triple my hunger? Lol...


          Ah, just made a webcam this time based on a model then I modify again to my own taste. For the lense, it is still missing, whoops... XD

Ah the webcam, does it see you even it is just model?

Nasi Padang: Ayam Rendang, Bumbu Rendang, Perkedel Kentang, and Sayur Singkong

          I had my Nasi Padang again this time. This time is rice, ayam rendang, bumbu rendang, perkedel kentang, and sayur singkong. Yup, different combination this time because usually I use chili dominantly so this time the bumbu rendang is the dominator.

Ah, the picture of the Nasi Padang with Ayam Rendang, Bumbu Rendang, Perkedel Kentang, and Sayur Singkong. Ah, big eating :3.

Kentang Crispy + Jamur Crispy

          Ah, it has been a long time since I had my last Kentang and Jamur Crispy. Plus that time I hadn't taken the picture of it. So, that time I added the picture of it.

This is the inside of the package which Kentang Crispy and Jamur Crispy are mixed.

This is the picture of Kentang Crispy.

This is the picture of Jamur Crispy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spicy Sausage Pizza

          Made food again. This time is from the previous Corn Pizza model. This time, I removed the corn, then I added more spicy sauce and added more sausages for it. Yup, more spicy sauce and more meat than before. Uh... looking at it makes me hungry again... but I want pizza... and want that one...

Ah, the picture of the Spicy Sausage Pizza. More spicy sauce and sausages than before. Ukh... I am more hungry than typing the first hungry word here before...

Planet with Ring

          Now, I made a planet. This one to combine texture made from GIMP and the model from Blender. I use the UV mapping for the texture of the planet. For the ring's texture, I use my old picture file. For making the ring, I use the harder way by making separated part of it then making the array and curve effect which forms the ring.

Now, the picture of the planet I made. Still lack of something, but just want to try another feature of Blender which I don't usually use.

Sea Water

          This one is one of my old rendered model. This one took very long time to render (Around 5 minutes) for just a single frame. Well, adding Ray Mirror, Ray Trans effect, and other effect which I forgot really increased the render time. Worse, because it consumes 100% for just rendering, it makes my laptop go slower... Well, at least it is done...

Ah, the sea water I made. It is still not detail... but rendering and rendering again is a pain because it took a lot of time for just a single frame XD.

Beef Burger

          I bought beef this time, but this time the beef used is the one with big sausage look. I bought it in the street sale. The price was Rp 6.000,-.

This is the burger from the outside look. It still warm that time...

This is the burger when the inside is revealed, showing the beef and the chili sauce.

Gorengan: 5 Tempe and 1 Tahu

          It has been a long time since I had my last gorengan so I decided to buy it. I bought 5 Tempe and 1 Tahu. As usual, the price of each is Rp 500,- which if totalled, it makes them Rp 3.000,- of all.

Ah, the picture of the 5 Tempe and 1 Tahu.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Corn Pizza

          This time I made a corn pizza by Blending again from Savoxit's request. It is easy to me to make it except the many random corn and sausage position and rotation. For the sauce, I just only need using texture and Disp effect for it to make random height of surface of each different area.

Ah... the corn pizza I made... Looking at it makes me want to taste it too... Oh, what have I done? I really want to eat pizza right now :3.

Great Sword F

          This is the Great Sword F, the request and the concept is from espada951 again. I made this in around two hours. It is easy to make it since I have the reference image for the guide, then I create vertices one by one. Since I made that manually, it makes thing easier. After I created the flat weapon, I extruded it and adapted the weapon's perception.

The picture of the Great Sword F I made using Blender. The shape is based on the reference given by espada951.

Credit: espada951


          Ah, make a bomb this time. Well, doesn't need 30 minutes to make this one. Just add an icosphere for the ball shape and a cylinder for the neck and the white rope. For the white rope, I added Disp effect to make it more real like rope.

Ah, the bomb I made. Maybe I should add the flare effect to make it like exploding next time. Hmm... 

Blue Sky

          The name interested me to make me want to know how the look and the taste. The price is Rp 5.000,-. When I tasted it, it feels like soda in it with blue color which reminds me of a soda...

The picture of Blue Sky. Ah, there is a cream floating on the surface of the beverage.

Nasi T.O. Special + Ayam Serundeng

          Ah, the other time I ate in a restaurant. I interested to eat dish which I haven't eaten before. So,  I ordered the "Nasi T.O. Special + Ayam Serundeng" dish. I curious about how it served and the combination of the food used on the dish. The price is Rp 10.000,-

The picture of the "Nasi T.O. Special + Ayam Serundeng" dish. Ah, I didn't know how it would taste, but when I ate it, I ate it without any single rice left.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cheese Burger

          Hello, this time I made a cheese burger which model is from the previous Burger (). I added the cheese and lettuce this time as someone's suggestion and critics in some community. I also increase the size of the bun and the beef to make it easier to see the beef unlike before.

The cheese burger I made which the previous model is Burger. I improved some of the parts from the suggestions and critics from some community.

Halberd Custom B

          Made weapon again this time which means two weapon request from same friend. Wow, this one is really thought, but lucky since I use manual verticles to draw it, I easily made the blade. The color version is also is up to me since there is no color in the sample.

The picture of Halberd Custom B. I have no idea what the B means since I named it based on the name of the file.

Credit: espada951

Two Edge Great Sword

          Made a weapon again this time from friend's request. This time I made Two Edge Great Sword. The reason it is two is because it is combined from two sword, even I haven't see the separated one. Well, the result is a bit weird since I colorize by my own version (since the sample has no color). Oh well...

The picture of the Two Edge Great Sword. It is already fused from the separated ones, but I haven't seen the separated yet.

Credit: espada951

Nasi Padang: Ayam Balado Hijau, Cabai Merah, Sayur Singkong, and Tempe Kotak

          Nasi Padang again, yay! :3. I have Ayam Balado Hijau, Cabai Merah, Sayur Singkong, and Tempe Kotak on the Nasi Padang. So, the green chili is mixed with the red chili. It gives also mixed taste because the red and green chili have some kind of different taste.

Ah, the Nasi padang with Ayam Balado Hijau, Cabai Merah, Sayur Singkong, and Tempe Kotak. The green and red chili is also there mixed giving mixed taste as well.

McDonald: 20 McNuggets

          The other time, I ate multiple pack of 4 McNugget. This time I made them into 20 pieces by purchasing 5 pack of McNugget 4 PCS. This makes them all Rp 49.500,- (Rp 9.900,- x 5).

That is the 5 pack of McNugget 4 PCS before opened. The sauce is also there ready to aid the McNugget taste.

That is the 5 pack of McNugget 4 PCS when opened. Now, each pack holds 4 pieces which if 5 pack, makes them 20 pieces. This also including the sauce.

Now, to save space, I decided to use 2 pack to hold 20 McNuggets. So, the other 3 pack is not used except for hold the used sauce package.

And now, I took a bite on one of the McNuggets. Ah... the start was very exciting... But when near the end, I already full... but at last, I can finish them all..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reigan Sword

          This time I made a 3D weapon again for my friend. This time the weapon is called Reigan Sword. I made this around 4 hours. I also using extruding again. For the texture, I made it using verticles again instead of texture efffect or UV maps.

The Reigan Sword. Its concept is owned by paragon. 

Credit: paragon

Virulife Logo

          This time I made my blog's logo. It is logo of Virulife. At first, I made it 2D, then I extrude it to make it a 3D form. I also made it by putting each vertices so it is easy to follow the background guide (the guide is Virulife 2D).

At last, my first logo in blending. Now, what logo should I use... and should I replace my old logo with the 3D? Nope... or yes? :3


          Ah, this time I made food by blending again. This time I made a burger. It is easy. I use 3 circle for it and then extrude them. Then, I shape them until the bun and the meat look like the usual one.

Ah, the burger made by blending... However, I still can't it the model and now... I'm hungry...

Feast: Ice cream

          It has been a long time since I had my last ice cream. So, I decided to buy it. Not only that, I also take the picture of it.

This is the cover of the ice cream. Now, let's open it.

It is the picture of the "Feast: Ice cream". Too bad it is already cracked... But oh well, at least I have my ice cream XD.

Chitato: Keju Supreme

          Ah, this time I tried to take picture of snack as well. This time I tried Chitato's potato chip with Keju Supreme flavor.

This is the front cover of the Chitato : Keju Supreme. Yup, from the look, it can be assumed it has cheese flavor.

Ah, this is the inside of the package. The potato chips area ready to be eaten.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


          This time I made a weapon 3D model for my friend. It is called Halzen. To make it, I need to add a background for the 3D view to make me easier to model the weapon. Then, I keep extruding and shaping the until I got the base shape. For the texture, I didn't add any texture at all, but only making a face which only makes it a 2D-like.

Ah, my friend's weapon "Halzen". At first I though I would use UV Map or texture effect, but since the result is alwats out of result, I made a face for it.

Credit: Shinagi

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          This time I made food again... This time I made an orange. Yup, just an orange using Blender. Yup, blending result which is turned into a fruit instead a juice, lol. It is easy to make it. Just pick an icosphere, then pull one of the face to be the stalk, then add texture to make the the surface more realistic, then use Normal effect, then done.

Ah the pic of the orange. Too bad I can't eat it or even peel the orange. Now, what food should I make this time by blending? lol...

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Nasi Padang: Ayam Balado, Tahu Cabai, Sayur Singkong, Cabai Merah, Tempe kotak, and Perkedel kentang

          Yay, I have my nasi padang again this time :3. This time in the Nasi Padang, there is Ayam Balado, Tahu Cabai, Sayur Singkong, Cabai Merah, Tempe Kotak, and Perkedel Kentang. Ah, I had very spicy time that time XD. For the price, it is Rp 12.000,- in total. The rice is Rp 3.000,-, Tahu Cabai is Rp 1.000,-, Tempe kotak is Rp 1.000,-, Ayam Balado is Rp 6.000,-, Perkedel Kentang is Rp 1.000,-.

Ah, the Nasi Padang with Ayam Balado, Tahu Cabai, Sayur Singkong, Cabai Merah, Tempe kotak, and Perkedel kentang. So spicy time I had that time XD.

McDonald: 3 Hot Regular

          Ah, this time I try to eat Hot Regular packet with Hot Crispy Fried Chicken in 3 package. Yup, that means 3 Fried Chicken, 3 Regular Rice, and 3 Regular Drink which is Coca-cola. Since the amount is tripled, it makes me hard to eat them since it is too many. I thought I will stuck at the middle. Well, at last... I finally can eat all the edible without any single rice left. The price of all of them is Rp 49.500,- (Rp 16.500,- each times 3).

Ah, the 3 Hot Regular packet with Hot Crispy Chicken. Yup, since it is 3, the amount also is tripled. Ah... so many...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chocolate Bar

          Ah, this time I made a sweet again because it has been a long time I haven't had my sweet of chocolate. I made this in very short time. All I need just scaling and extruding. Then, I added the material color then I added texture.

Ah, the chocolate bar... Too bad that won't bring me to the real sweet of chocolate XD. Maybe I should buy it the other time then take the pic again XD.

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McDonald: 8 McNuggets

          Ah, the other time I ate 2 pack of McDonald's McNuggets 4 PCS. That makes them 8 pieces in total. I tried to eat them in more number with the sauce. Ah, it is really fun eating it with the sauce. I eat them slowly to enjoy the eating process XD. For the price for all, it is Rp 19.800,- (Rp 9.900,- each).

Ah, the McNugget which I bought with 2 pack to make it 8 pieces. I try to prolong the eating process to make it more fun eating it XD.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


          Ah, this time I baked cookies using Blender :3. I made it because I was hungry so I bake those cookies, but too bad that I can't eat the cookies :3. Oh well, at least it nice that I can bake the cookies XD. Now... Maybe I should eat the real cookies this time XD.

Ah, the cookies I baked. Still far for being realistic, especially the scene. Well, at least the cookies has been improved. Well, need sharper skill for me next time.

Tahu Bola

          This time, I ate tofu with ball shape. It has differences with the cube tofu I usually eat. The taste, shape, structure, and... (add based on your mind). I can juggle the tofu balls, but that is not really nice thing to do for playing with food like that XD. The price is cheap, it is just Rp 500,-. Well, actually I bought 4 Taho Bola, but I poor to them, I ate them first without taking their photo or get photo-ed well.

This is the pic of the Tahu Bola or the tofu ball. It is tofu with round shape. Now, prepare to get eaten, Tahu Bola. No going back XD. My mouth can't wait to eat you and my stomach can't wait to acid you. Be ready XD. *bites*

This is the pic of the Tahu Bola or the tofu ball when some part were eaten. Ah, lucky for the Tahu Bola that I didn't eat it in single bite because I want to enjoy the moment eating it for the last one XD. Be ready again, no going back XD. *bites*. Whoops, it is eaten all of it.

Friday, June 3, 2011


          Ah, I am back after yesterday I take a rest from modeling. This time I use GIMP for the spiral texture and apply it for the UV Map texture. That way it would put the texture in the face. For the rest, I used the normal way I usually do. 

The lollipop I made. For the spiral texture, I use the brush in the GIMP. After that, I saved it and load it as my UV texture.

McDonald: Double Burger : Beef Burger + Spicy Chicken Burger

          Remember the Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger I show before (http://virulife.blogspot.com/2011/05/beef-burger-spicy-chicken-burger.html)? Now, this time I will combine those two into a Double Burger. For the name, just use your creativity for it XD. The price is just the same. It is Rp 8.000,- for both separatedly and Rp 8.800 if tax is included. Now, for the Double Burger combination, it will be Rp 17.600,-

First, I prepared the Beef Burger(left) and the Spicy Chicken Burger(right). Ready to open them both. The inside is same as the previous one, except the condition, position, package folding, etc =P.

Second, I opened the package, revealing the Beef Burger and the Spicy Chicken Burger. Ah, they are still  the burger I eat as usual. Wanna see the meats again? See the previous Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger post I posted before XD.

Third, I put the Spicy Chicken Burger onto the Beef Burger. Why Spicy Chicken Burger above Beef burger? I don't have any idea, but let's say chicken's weight is lighter than the cow's (is Beef Burger's meat from cow? =P ) weight.

Fourth, I removed the bun of the top of the Beef Burger. Done XD. Now, I just see the chopped pickle below the bun. What happens for the bun? I ate it along with the pickle. Poor pickle, eaten not inside the Double Burger XD (but not eaten yet XD).

This is the Double Burger from combining Beef Burger and Spicy Chicken Burger unto one. I wonder, how will be it taste XD. Oh, I need to eat slower too, can't eat them as fast as eating them both separatedly because I want to enjoy the moment eating it XD.

Let's see it closer. Ah, the Spicy Chicken Burger's meat XD. Personally, If I see the pic less closer, the meat of the Spicy Chicken Burger looks like Beef Burger's meat XD. Now, enough for the showing of the Double Burger, time to eat the burger this time XD.

Ah the Double Burger when being eaten. It reveals the content between the bun. So good combining burger but the moment of eating multiple burgers also fast to go because for one bite equal two bite but with the same time XD. Now, for the next burger combination... What should I try...? XD