Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nasi Padang : Rice, Ayam Balado, Chili Potato, Chili, and Cassava Leaves

          That time I was eating food because I was very hungry that time. I chose Nasi Padang that time. The combination that time was rice, ayam balado, chili potato, chili, and cassave leaves. The rice was so tasty because eaten with these combination. The ayam balado tasted spicy but balanced and good, not only that, the skin also taste unique because somehow the skin and the chili oil is mixed inside. The chili and the potato boosted the taste when eaten mixed with the combination. For the cassave leaves, it can be eaten at the beginning or at the end. If you want to keep the taste when you finished eating, you can eat the cassave leaves at the beginning. If you want to clean the taste after finished eating, the cassave leaves are better when eaten last.

Gold Pickaxe

          I made gold weapon/tool this time. This time is gold pickaxe. The handle and the head are made of gold. It makes me want to use the pickaxe to pick gold from pickaxe (Lol, cannibal). The tool is as usual: Blender as modeler, Yafaray as rendered, and GIMP as border effect. For the handle, I was putting wood material for it, but well, I wanted more gold so I put gold in the handle xD.

Download Blender file
- Mediafire
- Ziddu

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lemper Ayam

          The other time, I ate a snack because I was bored for often having meals without snack. I chose lemper ayam. The green layer is made of banana leaf. It protected the food from outside. The white layer is made of ketan. It looked like rice, but it was more sticky than regular rice. After the white layer, it has chicken meat inside. This was the core of the lemper ayam to me as the most delicious part.

Gold Kunai

          This time I made a gold kunai. It is still gold like the previous weapon I made. The price looks so expensive too since it made of gold. The tool still the same using Blender for modeling, Yafaray for rendering, and GIMP for creating the border effect. The modeling, I use the cylinders and plane then I kept palying with extruding and scaling.

Download Blender File
- Mediafire
- Ziddu

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chicken Katsue

          I ate chicken katsue the other time as my breakfast. I didn't have breakfast at home that time, so I decided to eat at the campus which sold the chicken katsue menu. The combination is rice, chicken katsue, and chili sauce (I am not really sure about the sauce because it tasted really balance). The taste tasted like chicken, but combined with the sauce, it gave unique taste. Also, when it was combined with the rice, it gave very satisfying bite.

Gold Grenade

          This time I made a gold grenade. Yup, a grenade from gold. The body is from gold while the trigger is from iron. I am in doubt whether I should use the grenade as weapon because the body is made of gold. When get exploded, the gold will be turned to crisp or scatter everywhere. Just kidding xD. Anyway, I still use the same tool for making it xD.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rice with Soy Sauce, Two Chicken Nuggets, and Two Sausages

          I ate a dish the other time. That time was rice with soy sauce, two chicken nuggets, and two sausages. I added the soy sauce to the rice to add some sweet taste. For the chicken nuggets, it tasted like chicken chopped chicken. For the sausages, it tasted like chicken too since the sausages was made of meat. However, the taste was different from the nugget. It had its own uniqueness of the taste.

Gold Hammer

          This time I made gold hammer. Yup, a hammer made from gold. As usual, I used Blender for modeling the mesh, Yafaray for rendering the mesh, and GIMP for adding the border efffect. It didn't take a long time making it because I only need to use the cylinder then playing it with scaling and extruding. For the material, I use the glossy to make it more gold-like.

Download Blender file
- Mediafire
- Ziddu

Saturday, August 27, 2011

3D Models will be Downloadable

Good news!
Several 3D Models will be downloadable from now on.
The previous models I posted before will be downloadable at some time.
Just some more things, not all of the models will be downloadable since the design concept is from someone else.
For the 3D model which has Yafaray tag, you must have Yafaray plugin installed first in Blender before you can use it.

I shall comment in this post to notify about previous models which will be downloadable.

Gold Shuriken

          I made a gold shuriken this time. I didn't use the previous shuriken I made, but I made it from the start. I made it using Blender, Yafaray, and GIMP. I used the Blender for modeling it, Yafaray for rendering it, and GIMP for making the border. The Gold Shuriken, since it is "gold", it is made from gold which makes it as expensive and for collector type.

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Download Blender file

Friday, August 26, 2011

Gorengan: 2 Tempehs, 2 Tofus, and 2 Croquettes

          I was eating gorengan at the other time. The gorengan set this time was two tempehs, two tofus, and two croquettes. Each two of them has their own unique taste and appearance. The fried tempeh has tempeh inside while the outside is covered by the fried flour. The fried tofu also has tofu inside from the outside of the flour. Sometimes it still can be filled with spice, vegetable, and noodle. For the croquette, the inside can be spice, vegetable, and noodle too like the tofu. When each them were eaten, I can taste the fried texture from the outside of the gorengan. For the inside, the taste depend of what kind of the gorengan it is.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Auto-Sudoku Application

          Several days ago, I made an application called Auto-Sudoku for the assignment of Algorithm Strategy course. I used C++ for making the application. This Sudoku application is for solving the Sudoku input from a file. Brute Force algorithm must be used in that assignment to solve the Sudoku. It took around 2 days for me to make it. Not only that, there was some bug that need to be fixed. There reason why I posted the finished application is because rather not used for long time or never after finished, I chose to publish and share it with the world.

          Now, for the solution, I first take an input from the file, then scan whether the number in the slot can be changed. After that, I check per slot whether there is same number in the above, below, left, or right and whether the number in the slot break the 3x3 sudoku rules. After that, the printing is executed to display the solved sudoku.

          You can freely use this application and the source code. Be sure to include me in credit if used on your project. 

Screenshot (Solved Sudoku) :

Download :
- MediaFire
- 4shared
- Ziddu

Download Source Code at Virucodesoup page

Chicken Nugget with Soy Sauce

          When I cooked Chicken Nugget with Cheese Powder, I also cooked Chicken Nugget with Soy Sauce to save the energy of LPG from the stove. When the chicken nugget is eaten, it will taste like chicken. Since I often eat it like that, I decided to add the soy sauce. The soy sauce has dark black and sticky looks. When tasted, it there will be some sweet taste. When I ate with the chicken nugget, not only I got chicken and soy sauce taste, but also the blend taste from both.


          This time I made a sword which concept is from someone else. It is called Flarenomena. From the looks, the main sword is powered by the space-attached blade. It also has one eye which makes the sword looks alive. The sword itself is powered by the power of fire which means the sword is a fire type. Well, that's how I can subcribe.

Credit: Shinagi

          For making it, I used Blender, Yafaray, and GIMP. For the Blender, it is used for drawing the vertices manually in Edit Mode. I make it as 2D flat mesh. After finished that step, I extrude at some level for different level of extrude. After that, I added material for color to make me easier to identify the color when I materialize it again in Yafaray. 
          For the Yafaray plugin in Blender, I used the material previously attached when using the Blender. All of the material, I set it to the glossy to make it more metalic, even the result was not metalic when I rendered it. I tried it with other material but the result is not as accurate as the picture concept when I rendered it. After I had done the final rendering, I saved it.
          For the GIMP, I used the rendered result to create the flame effect and the flame border. I use the brush with red color first with not full transparency and then I added some yellow. After that, I smudged it to make it more flame-like. After I finished it, I added the border.
          Well, that is how I finished the Flarenomena sword model using software and plugin combination. It is not perfect, but I tried as accurate and best as I can.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicken Nugget with Cheese Powder

          When I was having holiday, I ate chicken nugget with cheese powder. I fried the chicken nugget by myself from the package. After I had done the frying, I added the cheese powder to the chicken nugget. The cheese powder has a weird smell, but somehow I kept smelling it that time. For the appearance, the cheese powder has orange color. When I tasted the chicken nugget with the cheese powder, I had the fried chicken taste with the cheese flavor in it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nasi Padang : Rice, Chili Potatoes, and Chili Cassava Chips

          It is been a while since I posted the nasi padang photo so I decided to post it since I have many now. This time the combination is rice, chili potatoes, and chili cassava chips. The appearance, it looks like it was dominated by the red color while the base was yellow, and it was supported by the white color. When I ate the combination at the same time, it gave soft and crispy taste. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

McDonald : McNugget 4 PCS + Regular Fries + Chili Sauces

          It has been a while since I has my McDonald menu. That time, for the serving, I combined the McNugget 4 PCS and Regular Fries. Then I added McDonald Chili Sauce as the sauce. I ate the fries while adding some chili sauce to it making it more spicy. Not only that, when I had the nugget, I also added the cihli sauce to make it more spicy and tasty. But, before all of them running out, I ran out of the chili sauce so I ate it without the chili. Still, the taste was still good. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sweet Banana Chip

          I was eating sweet banana chip the other time. It is like usual banana chip except that it has sweet taste. It is a bit sticky too since of the sweet taste. It has darker brown texture than usual banana chip. When I ate it, it has more softer crispy than the usual banana chip. Well, that is how I felt when I ate the sweet banana chip. I hope I have some luck again to find the other varieties of the banana chip.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

McDonald : Barbeque Sauce

          The other time I was eating McNugget. I was eating it with the Barbeque Sauce. It has thick dark red color. I has  such strong barbeque-like taste when I tasted the sauce alone a bit (I didn't taste it alone since it is not good for my mouth). After that, I mixed it with the McNugget. It really gave a very good combination to the taste. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Articea Frezzalia

          This time I made a weapon for someone just for fun. It is Articea Frezzalia. When making it, I create the vertices manually to finish it faster. The hardest part when I rendered it since the reflection still get the weird result so re-rendered it a lot. For the ice aura effect, I use GIMP since making such line would be easier to me. 

Credit: Shinagi

Magnum Almond

          I was eating an ice at near the end of my holiday. I ate Magnum Almond ice cream. It is more expensive for just an ice cream compared with other ice cream so I very seldom buying it. This ice cream has almond nut inside it making it more yummy. Yup, eating ice cream with peanut in it makes it more yummy. Since it was expensive, I ate it slowly to enjoy the ice cream.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silver Bullet

          I made a silver bullet this time. This mesh is from the 5 Golden Rockets. The reason I made this one is because some people think it looks like golden bullets with legs so I decided to use the 5 Golden Rockets mesh and refined them into a silver bullet. All I need is removing the 4 Golden Rockets and replace the color of the material into silver color. That's how I made it.Warning: Not 100% guaranteed can kill werewolf!

Download Blender file

Garudafood : Kacang Telor Garuda

          That time I was eating a snack. The snack I ate was kacang telor garuda from Garudafood. Its shape was round. There was also some nutrient from egg because the label said telor meant egg. Hahaha... The snack can be eaten with many dishes such nasi goreng, mi goreng, mie rebus, rice, and many more. It gives extra flavor when eaten with other dish instead of eaten alone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Golden Rockets

          This time I made a golden rockets with 5 units. Making the rocket is simple, all I have to do is create a cylinder then playing with extrude. Now, for the material, I use the Glossy in Yafaray. Then, set the color into gold. Well, that is the quick summary of how I made the golden rockets. Now, since it is made of gold... would be often be used?

Cornetto Mini: Butter Scotch Flavour

          The other time I ate an ice cream with cone. I was eating Cornetto with mini size with butter scotch flavour. Even it is mini size than the original one, the taste is really as good as the original size one except that it is eaten all more quickly than the original size. When I opened the pack, I thought it was vanilla, but actually it is butter scotch after all... 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Metalic Marbles

          Again, I just made a basic shape again. This time is metalic marbles. The post I made sometime ago was about the glass marble, but this time is the metalic. Unlike the glass, the material I use for creating it is the Gloss. The gloss makes my marbles go metalic. For the mesh, I just use the UV Sphere. Then, I added Set Smooth to make it more like a sphere. That's how I made them.

Download Blender file
- Mediafire
- Ziddu

Timbel Rice with Crispy Mushroom

          The other few weeks, I ate timbel rice with crispy mushroom. The rice I bought was wrapped in timbel as organic wrapper. For the crispy mushroom, the mushroom was fried and flour has been added on it making it a crispy taste. Now, when I ate it, I mixed it with the rice to make it more delicious and satisfying. Then, sometimes I added chili sauce to make it spicy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Virupizxel is Born!

          I just made another blog the other time. The blog is about a pixel maze with 1 width wall/wall pixel space. Making the pixel maze really hurt my eye a bit if I make the pixel maze big xD. Solving the maze is also a pain for the eye since the space is very small, not only that, the maze has optical efffect. So, are ready to try to solve the maze xD?

Example of the pixel maze:

Satay Ayam with Rice

          When I was in holiday, I had my chance to eat satay ayam with rice. Didn't get lontong to accompany the satay. Oh well... anyway, the satay and rice is added with satay sauce which is made from peanut making the dish more satay taste. The satay themselves had chicken on the stick which was cooked on the fire. At the end, only the plate and the stick left with satisfied stomach. 

Blue Lightning

          After resting from creating art from GIMP since several days, this time I made Blue Lightning. This one is the improved version from the Red Lightning. This time I changed the position of the lightning and put it into the center to make it looks like coming out from cloud. I also added some blue and blur filter to make it like a flash from the center of the source.

Clear Water Ball

          It has been 2 days since I didn't make the 3D art because of taking of rest. Now... this time I made a water ball. The result is still out of expectation since somehow the biased ground can't be seen from the water ball. Oh well, I will try another setting so the result will be more realistic. For making it, I use the Glass material with IOR 1.33.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nasi Padang: Cabai Merah, Kentang Cabai Merah, Ayam Balado

          I was having Nasi Padang the other time. That time, the combination was Cabai Merah, Kentang Cabai Merah, Ayam Balado. Those combination making the dish into red because of the red chili on the dish not only at the rice, but also at the potato and the fried chicken when bought separately. Still, the combination gave a satisfying bite until no edible part left.

RGB Marbles Wall

          Okay, this time I made the RGB Marbles Wall. I use the previous Marbles mesh to create it. It is same only different color, position, and formation this time. I format it in 3 height based on the color. The material is the same from the previous Marbles. I only changed the color and colorize it based on the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) formation.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


          I made a marbles this time. Still the previous rendered, I used Yafaray again for more realistic result. For the mesh, I made this one using UV Sphere. Then, added the smooth effect to make it more like a ball. For the material, I use the Glass with IOR 2.5 (Yup, some as diamond but the result still same as glass. Perhaps of the shape?).

Nasi Goreng with Chopped Fried Chicken Meat

          I was having nasi goreng in the other time. I also added chopped fried chicken meat on the nasi goreng. Of course, it made the taste of nasi goreng very good. I finished eating it faster each there is chopped fried chicken meat on the nasi goreng. The more chopped fried chicken meat on the nasi goreng, the better the taste of nasi goreng. Not only that, if I added pikset, it might crispy as well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colorless Water Goo

         This one is the previous water goo. Only different frame and the renderer. The renderer I used is Yafaray. The previous one was the Blender itself. I could make the water clearer and more realistic using the Yafaray. The setting was also a bit different. I used Glass material and set the IOR value  into 1.33. Then, I rendered the mesh and finished it.

Nasi Goreng Cumi Tempe

          The other time, I ate Nasi Goreng. However, I cooked this one by myself. The result was... mixed between succeed and failure. The rice was fine, but the squid and the temple, the squid made the nasi goreng too salty and the tempe, since is already cooked and heated many times, I cooked it against which made it burnt. However, I kept eating somehow which made me a little stomachache. Well, at the end, I successfully ate it with sickness XD. Next time, I shouldn't eating burnt food XD


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Color Jewels

          This time I made color jewels which consists of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, white, and black jewels.  Same as usual, I use the Yafaray rendered and keep making the model using Blender. I got the hang of the setting of the light and the material now. For the jewels material, I use IOR at 2.50 value. For the light, I use the Direct Lighting as the light. That's how I finished the model.

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Download Blender file

Mi Goreng with Rice and Fried Chicken

          I ate mi goreng again the other time. I added rice and fried chicken as the combination of the dish. Too bad the I didn't chop the fried chicken since it will be a better taste if chopped fried chicken meat added into the mi goreng. Well, at least it increased the joy of eating mi goreng. For the rice, I added it again so I gained more carbohydrate and lessen my hunger greatly as usual.

Monday, August 8, 2011


          This time I made a diamond. Like the ring before, I use Yafaray to render it. It makes the diamond effect more realistic. For the first, I modeled the diamond with Blender by using the Cylinder. Then for the Yafaray setting... For this time, I use Direct Light for faster rendering. Still, configuring the light setting, I need to get the hang of it. For the diamond texture, I used the Glass material and set the IOR to 2,50. Well, at least I can finish the diamond mesh.