Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Changing Background in Render

          Changing background in Blender uses backbuf, but it is easy to do it. Okay, let's start.

1. Open Blender (I use 2.49b).

2. Left click the Scene button (F10) in the red box.

3. Left click the folder icon in the red box to select image file.

4. Now, choose the image file you want to use. Just remember, the useable is marked with blue icon (inside the red box).

5. When you select the file, it will be highlighted like in the red box below.

6. Now, left click the Backbuf button (in the red box).

7. You will see that the "/backbuf" change into the filepath of the image file. Now, left click the button in the red box to tick it.

8. There, you done setting your background when you are in render mode.

9. Press F12 to render the model. You will see that when it is rendered, the background will be the same as the image file you chose before.

That is how to change background in render mode. Now you can have your own background scene when you render the model.

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